Pancake day is a glorious holiday for lovers of all things sweet. Many new vegans erroneously believe that without dairy or animal products, your breakfast feast has to be severely downgraded. We couldn’t disagree more!

Below you’ll find our personal top 10 vegan pancake fillings, complete with a few favourite recipes to inspire you this year:

#1. Oat pancakes with fruit

With its wholesome fibres and natural sugars, this is as healthy as a pancake gets! Vegukate explains easy steps how to create these delightful stacks using almond milk, oat flour and various other ingredients - topping them off with a handful of blueberries and strawberries.

#2. Peanut butter and banana

Ideal for thin base pancakes, this extreme sweet filling features two key ingredients that are easy to get ahold of, and are generally cost-effective.

#3. Mango Lime Pancakes

Made with ginger and coconut, these pancakes are a perfect antidote to the bland barrage of sweet ingredients. Study this recipe from The Unrefined Vegan, and prepare for a flavour sensation!

#4. Almond butter and Caramel Paste

This recipe requires plenty of prep work, but rewards with a rich infusion of saccharine tastes that perfectly complement a fluffy pancake. Did we also mention that it requires no actual cooking?

#5. Vegan Tomato & Mushroom Pancakes

BBC Good Food serves up one of our all-time favourite vegan pancake recipes with this brilliant brunch beauty. Another excellent savoury alternative, the creamy tomato and mushroom sauce it what really sets these pancakes apart.

#6. Yeasted Pumpkin Pancakes

If whole grain flour pancakes are too flat for your liking, then try this recipe from the author of Shop Cook Make. Her clever use of yeast allows these pancakes to become fluffy than anything previously known to man…

#7. Corn Pancakes

Sure, under some definitions, this would be considered a fritter. But from a pure taste point-of-view, it’s worthy of the list, especially when you combine the corn filling with a bit of cilantro, and a rich choice of peppers.

#8. Carrot and Coconut Pancakes

If you’re tired of taking sides between sweet and savory, The Minimalist Baker has whipped up a vegan pancake recipe that blends the best of both. These flapjacks have a limited amount of sugar, subtle coconut flavour, and are ideal for walnuts and hot maple syrup.

#9. Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

Another straightforward vegan pancake filling with simple ingredients. These flavours are more commonly associated with autumn, but if October is too far away, then there’s nothing stopping you bringing them out early for pancake day…

#10. Spinach Pancakes

No, you read that right. Spabettie has done the impossible, and devised a plant based pancake recipe that delivers a stack of vibrant green pancakes. According to her, you can hardly taste the spinach - what you get instead is a sandwich style pancake that even leafy green fearing kids will delight in.

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Post By Nicole Sage