When it comes to criticism, vegans certainly know how to deal with it! Although the diet and lifestyle is becoming more widely accepted in the public square, we are still hearing the same old fallacies - and now's the time to right a few wrongs.

Wild Radish will take you through the most common stereotypes that us vegans are tired of hearing...

#1. Myth: Vegan Food Is Costly

Truth: Although non-vegans may say otherwise, the idea that there's something pompous and elitist about veganism is complete wrong. When you boil it down, the fundemental elements of a vegan diet consist of fruits, veg, beans, rice and grains - all of which are some of the cheapest items on offer in your local supermarket. You can easily replace expensive animal products with vastly cheaper choices such lentils, quinoa, tofo, soy milk - we could go on!

#2. Myth: Eating Out Is Really Difficult

Truth: Veganism is wrongly and regularly assumed to be a restrictive lifestyle of saying no to lots of things - but that couldn't be further from the truth - especially when it comes to eating out. With the popular rise of the vegan diet, you'll now find that more and more restaurants are not only offering a wide range of vegan alternatives, but some top restaurants are now priding themselves on popular plant-based mains as a way to attract an untapped customer base to come and visit.

#3. Myth: The Weight Will Just Fall Off

Truth: Adopting a vegan lifestyle would seem like the best way of evading all those sugary, fatty, processed food - but there's plenty of junk foods that are completely fine for vegans to eat. From fizzy drinks to biscuits, crisps and sweets; there are plenty of temptations that will test your discipline and cause you to fall off your diet.

#4. Myth: Vegans Suffer From Dietary Deficiency

Truth: This is one of the common criticisms leveled at vegans, but the truth is anyone can suffer from a nutrient deficiency if they follow a poor diet. Although vegans struggle to get B12 from plant-based food (which is responsible for keeping the blood and nerve cells healthy), it is easy to supplement with a multi-vitamin or by using yeast in cooking.

What isn't mentioned is all of the other vitamin and mineral rich foods and macronutrients you will be getting if you follow a healthy and balanced vegan diet. Many of the criticisms that aimed at a poor vegan diet can also be applied to a poor non-vegan diet - so as long as you're filling your plate with an abundance of different foods, you'll always feel satisfied, healthy and full of energy.

#5. Myth: Vegan Food Is Bland

Truth: Vegan food is not boring, in fact it can be a gateway to far more interesting and eclectic meals. Although conjuring up familiar favourites may require a little more inventiveness, vegan pizza, for example, can be made with vegan cheese consisting of soy protein, vegetable oil, yeast and other readily available ingredients - the best thing is it tastes just like the real thing, if not better! You can also make brownies from coconut sugar and dates instead of using eggs, meaning you can indulge in all your favourite treats without feeling guilty about doing so.

Post By Ed Mason