Maintaining a vegan diet can be challenging, more so when you're travelling abroad. So if you're getting ready for an upcoming adventure, Wild Radish has put together a valuable guide to making sure your holiday is fun, straightforward, and most importantly, vegan friendly.

Plan Ahead

It may be stating the obvious, but the preparation you do prior to going on holiday will make or break the success of your trip.

Whether you're planning an African safari or a far flung trip to the Southeast Asia, don't be surprised if the culture doesn't cater to your specific diet. Don't let it limit your options - just bear in mind that if your heart is set on a particular part of the world, you'll need to check out the restaurants, local delicacies and general food options available so you can adapt it to your lifestyle.

Take A Few Snacks

Snacks are a lifesaver when you're a travelling vegan; whether you're waiting to board a plane, sitting in your hotel or checking out a nearby town, bring along a few vegan friendly foods to stave off the hunger and keep you happy wherever you go.

We suggest taking a few packets of dried fruit, grapes, protein bars, chia bread or homemade vegan brownies for when you need a quick burst of energy.

Do Your Homework

Research online, making yourself a list of specialist grocery shops in the area you're staying as well as all the vegan-friendly restaurants and bars nearby.

Doing a bit of homework prior to the holiday will take out all of the awkwardness, helping you relax - so when you're dining out, start off by asking the staff if you can see a vegan menu and you'll find that it's no different to what you're doing when you're ordering back at home.

Choose Self Catering

One of the best options for vegans going on holiday is to choose self-catering accommodation. Having your own kitchen takes the hassle out of meal time preparation, making it easy for you to stick closely to your vegan diet for the duration of the trip.

However, self catering doesn't mean that you have to hold back on your adventurous side - being on the look out for specialist shops and food markets will help you inject some of the cultural flavour into your very own vegan dishes and open your horizons to trying new things out abroad and when you get back home!

Be Around Like-Minded People

If you're a vegan going on holiday for the first time or even the tenth time, being around avid meat-eaters can be isolating, so make sure you either have a few vegan friends around you or those you can confide in who understand your lifestyle.

Although, don't be afraid to be assertive when it comes to your healthy eating choices - if you're finding it hard to get the message across, be as transparent about your diet as possible as this can actually alleviate any pressure you may be feeling and you'll find that wherever you go and whomever you encounter, most people will begin to understand and adjust to your lifestyle accordingly.

Post By Ed Mason