If you're like us, you've probably only just got round to setting your new year's resolution! If you're stuck for ideas, why not try a lifestyle change that will actively benefit all aspects of your health and well-being. So if you want to embrace a more animal friendly and wholesome diet, Wild Radish will take you through the best excuses to go vegan this year...

You'll Widen Your Culinary Palette

Veganism is a pathway to a wealth of eclectic, vibrant and delicious dishes that you can enjoy in practically any situation in your life. Whether you're preparing a kale, chickpea and avocado salad for work or a spinach lasagna to impress your evening dinner guests, you'll develop a wonderful repertoire of different meals to try. The demand for vegan food has never been greater, so you'll always find a new ingredient or recipe to try out and adapt throughout the year - making you a better cook from January through to December.

You'll Look And Feel Better

We believe that looking and feeling great are one and the same thing - if you don't believe us, try going vegan... If you suffer from acne, inflammation or low energy, it all begins with what you eat. When you replace milk and dairy, carbohydrates and fats with cleansing vegan alternatives, you'll find that no skin cream or off-the-shelf remedy has as powerful an effect as diet.

You'll also discover that the vegan diet tends to be more fibre dense which is incredibly beneficial for the digestion process, helping your body to absorb nutrients and get rid of toxins more successfully.

You Develop A More Compassionate Mindset

The ethical arguments for going Vegan can seam a little bit brittle to those on the outside - but taking into account the well-being of humans and animals is a central component of the diet. Rearing farm animals, processing and packing meat all has a huge impact on the environment and the treatment of sentient life. If you're interested in reducing suffering and man-made pollution veganism is a lifestyle that will make you think about the choices that impact society and even the planet itself.

Your Fitness Will Improve

Many skeptics of a vegan diet worry about a loss of energy and even muscle mass, but if you conform to a quality diet plan, filled with nutrient dense plant foods, you'll find that you can get virtually all the vitamins and minerals you require from your diet with very little need for supplementation. Not only will you be able to maintain and even grow muscle, your new lifestyle can help you to stay lean and lose fat far more easily than a meat based diet.

You Will Save Money

Veganism is really about returning to the rudiments of diet - nuts, grains, beans, seeds - none of these are as costly as animal products. If one of your resolutions is cutting costs over the year, you'll certainly be able to tie that in with a vegan diet. Many of your core vegan staples can be bought and stored in bulk, making this year your most cost-saving yet.

Post By Ed Mason