Bringing you the best of vegan and vegetarian produce, and an inspiring collection of hampers, we're absolutely fanatical to announce the launch of Wild Radish! Wild Radish is a new, emerging brand on the vegan and vegetarian market that is passionate about bringing great vegan and vegetarian products to your door. We were tired of searching the aisles of supermarkets for vegan and vegetarian produce that was a bit of treat, whilst still ensuring that the products didn't compromise our ethical stance. Don't get us started on finding the elusive gift for a vegan or vegetarian during Christmas... With the knowledge of how difficult it was to source delicious and indulgent produce for these dietary requirements, we came up with the idea of Wild Radish, and carefully researched and sourced suitable produce for a vegan or vegetarian to create a series of delicious hampers that will help to put that annual gifting conundrum to rest!  Ultimately, Wild Radish are passionate about the ingredients that make up the food we eat, and our aim is that the products we sell not only taste great, but they are made by companies with high ethical and environmental standards.

Wild Radish offers a plentiful range of Christmas Hampers, Vegetarian and Vegan Hampers - perfect for the seasoned snacker, the chocoholic, the larder hoarder and the vegan or vegetarian in your life, that really 'has everything'. Our hampers are filled with some of the most loved health food brands, that are sure to win anyone's taste buds over whatever the occasion! You can also make use of our Pick Your Own Hamper section where you can carefully select and make your very own bespoke food hamper. This is a perfect idea for the fussy vegan friend, the vegetarian that knows what they like, or just for those times that you need a mid week pick me up! We hope that you will love all of the hampers and content that we have lovingly sourced, we've also tried and tested them all - and they're pretty good!

Not only do we offer a delightful spread of vegan and veggie hampers, we endeavour to deliver outstanding customer service. If any questions pop to mind whilst you're browsing the site, feel free to contact us by email, the phone or social media for a speedy response. Each delicious hamper also comes with a free gift message - so they're really perfect for any occasion! At Wild Radish, we also work incredibly hard to have as little impact on the environment as possible, which is why our hampers are packed in either boxes made from recycled material or in packaging that you can use again!

Along with our brand new website, we also have a featured blog page where you can discover our latest products and delve further into the world of veganism and healthy eating! We'll see you over on our social media platforms for the latest news, competitions and plenty of foodie fun: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Post By Nicole Sage