There are few things more relaxing than letting your body become immersed in a hot bath, infused with the vivacious fizzing of your favourite bath bomb.

We often neglect this more luxurious, invigorating and nourishing bath time pleasure in favour of the more routine, quick and practical shower. But if you really need to unwind after a hellish week of work, a 5 day stint of exams or even a gruelling workout, Wild Radish point you towards our dreamy selection of treats from our very own bath time paradise - Bomb Cosmetics.

Whatever your pampering proclivity, we've got something you'll love... But if you're in doubt of the real benefits of using bath bombs, we'll point you towards our top 5 reasons why you need to stock up on a blissful Bath Blaster or two!

They're Good For Your Skin

Bathing is great for hydrating the skin - providing the water isn't scolding hot! - but if you combine that with the salts, oils, emollients and other moisturising ingredients in our bath bombs, you'll have find that your skin feels softer, smoother and younger after you've delve into an effervescent bath bomb filled tub.

All Our Bath Bombs Are Vegan Friendly

Generic high street and wholesale bath bombs can contain any number of unnatural chemicals and synthetic ingredients than can potentially irritate and leave your skin with an overpowering odour. Everything we supply is ethically minded, ultra kind to the skin and filled with genuine, wholesome ingredients, designed to have a beneficial and protective influence on every inch of your body.

Bath Bombs Are A Sensory Experience

There's something ritualistic about lighting candles, running a bath and creating the heavenly atmosphere all in your own home. Once you drop your bath bomb into the water you'll be enveloped by the fizzing release of gorgeous fragrances that will turn any bath time into something lavish and irresistibly inviting.

Our Bomb Cosmetic Come With Health Benefits

Almost all our bath bombs come with nourishing, repairing and sumptuously invigorating ingredients, including pure and completely natural essential oils. Everything in our Bath Cosmetics section is designed to clean and repair hair and skin to soothing sore muscles and infusing your skin with the vital vitamins and enzymes it craves.

There Are Options For Men And Women

Bath bombs can only be enjoyed by women, right?

Wrong! the Bomb Cosmetics Man Grenade Bath Blaster packs a real punch after any heavy workout session or marathon week at work.

Post By Ed Mason