The challenge of Christmas vegan cooking isn’t the main meal, it’s what comes after. A nut roast or mixed mushroom stuffing are simple, scrumptious substitutes for a turkey, but how do you prepare easy vegan desserts without using dairy products or eggs? The following are 5 of our favourite vegan confections, each listed alongside the key ingredient you can use as a substitute.

#1 Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake

You can make this creamy classic either as a singular dessert, or as miniature bites. Either way, you’ll have an irresistible dish that’s not only healthy, but also well-liked by non-vegans. If you’re readying for a lazy night at home this Christmas or New Year, put aside the chocolate, and get munching on this sultry, crunchy cheesecake.

Key Ingredient Substitute: for the “cheese”, you can use a food processor to easily blend a bunch of pecans and dates with coconut oil.

#2 Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Kids and adults alike simply cannot resist a freshly baked batch of cookies. The trick is finding a recipe that delivers the same taste sensation, but without the guilt of such high a fat snack. This recipe for Levain look-alike cookies is the ideal solution – it’s vegan as well as gluten-free, and packs in just as much flavour.

Key Ingredient Substitute: Instead of honey, use agave nectar. It’s sweeter than honey, and completely plant-based.

#3 Vegan Chocolate Banana Bread

No one can say no to banana bread, especially when there’s a generous amount of delicious chocolate melted in. The Vegan Society have a must-bake recipe that combines cocoa and mashed bananas with the interesting addition of apple cider vinegar.

Key Ingredient Substitute: If you want your vegan banana bread to have a richer taste, we highly recommend cooking with a bar of Cocoa Libre’s Dark Chocolate.

#4 Avocado Ice Cream

Ice cream is the most difficult dairy-free dessert to perfect, but this refreshing recipe from chef Rick Bayless has become a firm favourite among vegans and non-vegans alike. Though originally envisioned as a summer treat, we see why no reason this low-calorie, highly fruity ice cream shouldn’t be the finale to your Christmas lunch.

Key Ingredient Substitute: The avocado, obviously. The idea is to purée the fruit, combine it with the other ingredients, and then refrigerate overnight.

#5 Raw Caramel Apple Pie

Easy vegan desserts don’t get much easier than one that doesn’t require baking! This superb recipe from One Green Planet is as comforting and filling as its raw counterpart, and the addition of agave, pumpkin pie spice and raisins will guarantee a crunchy taste-sensation with every bite. Give the oven a rest after Christmas lunch is done, and get snacking on this delectable vegan apple pie.

Key Ingredient Substitute: This recipe uses almond butter; a popular vegan alternative that’s a tried and true source of dietary protein and vitamin E. You can make your own easily, or Primrose’s Kitchen’s raw almond and chia butter.

If you have any easy vegan desserts you’d like to recommend this Christmas, let us know via the Wild Radish Facebook page, or on Twitter @Wild_Radish.

Post By Andersen